Values Research

Marine Corps drill instructors provide guidance to a recruit at boot camp.

Marine Corps drill instructors provide guidance to a recruit at boot camp.


This study evaluated the efficacy of the United States Marine Corps’ Values Based Training  (VBT) program in inculcating new male recruits (N = 481) with organizational core values while  participating in 12 weeks of basic training. This study posited that normative organizational core  values are manifested by the values of drill instructors (N = 252), and are taught to recruits  through direct communication and modeling behavior. This study hypothesized that recruits’  values change and become more congruent with the values of their drill instructors as a result of  exposure to VBT. A longitudinal panel study of recruits was completed using the Schwartz  Values Survey to survey recruits at t=0 and t=12 weeks. The change in recruits’ values priorities  was compared to the values of their drill instructors. The data revealed that recruits’ values do  change while at boot camp and that their values become more congruent with those of their drill  instructors. This study represents the first such evaluation of the VBT program.

This is a copy of the research project I did with LCDR erik reynolds and Lt sean robertson

What are basic human values? They are desirable, trans-situational goals, varying in importance, that serve as guiding principles in peoples’ lives. (Schwartz, 1992)

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